R. Patrick Flynn

R. Patrick Flynn



With a 25 year career practicing law in South Carolina, Pat’s practice includes complex construction/design defect litigation, major commercial insurance liability litigation, Federal, State and local government contract formation and procurement, dispute resolution, and complex tort and commercial litigation.

Prior to joining Pope Flynn, Pat was a partner and owner of Robertson Hollingsworth & Flynn law firm in Charleston. Pat served active duty as a Captain, U.S. Navy Reserve, Surface Warfare Officer from 1989 to 1989, then as a reserve officer from 1989 to 2015. He received numerous assignments in South and North Carolina, as well as Washington, DC.

His publications include Funds for the S&L Bailout: FDIC Recovery on D&O Liability Policies of Failed Depository Institutions, Federation of Insurance & Corporate Counsel Quarterly, Vol. 42, p. 159 (1992) and Case Law Survey Article, South Carolina Law Review, 1991.

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